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Rehearsal Information

Rehearsals for our 2023 Fall Concerts are on Tuesdays from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.  Most rehearsals will be held at  Zion Lutheran Church  500 W Mitchell Street,  Petoskey 

Cancellation of Rehearsal

The President and Music Director will make the decision to cancel rehearsal by 4:30 PM.  An email wil be sent from the Executive Direcgtor as soon as a decision is made.  


Concert Attire


  • Men:  Tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie, black shoes and black socks

  • Women:  Long black long-sleeved dress, long black skirt or black dress pants with a long-sleeved black blouse, black hose, black shoes.  Sleeves should be wrist length and skirts should be at least ankle length.  Simple jewelry (optional) is fine.  No perfume or hairspray please.

Music Rules


  • Music should be marked lightly with PENCIL  ONLY. Do not use markers, highlighters, or colored pencils.

  • If you need to enlarge, highlight  or underline your music, please make a copy for your own use.

  • Do not dog ear your music. Try putting a paper clip on every other page or use a “finger cot” available at JoAnn Fabrics or office supply stores. Another idea is to put folded removable “Post It” notes on the pages.

  • Do not punch holes in your music. Please make a copy of the music to punch or buy plastic magazine holders that fit a three ring notebook.

  • Please take good care of your music. Some scores are out of print and cannot be replaced.



It is critical that singers make every effort to attend all rehearsals.  

In the event of illness or other emergency situations, please notify the Executive Director, Julie Falls, as soon as possible at 989-859-3350,  or email


To ensure the quality of each concert and out of respect to all singers, if a singer must miss more than three rehearsals, a mutual decision will be made between the Music Director and Executive Director regarding participation in the concert.

The deadline for registration will be the second rehearsal.  If that is not possible. an alternative plan will be developed with the Executive Director, Julie Falls.  

Rehearsal Courtesy and Miscellaneous


  • Rehearsal time is valuable.

  • Please be respectful while other sections are singing.

  • Some seating changes may be made to blend voices to improve the sound of the choir.  Please maintain this seating at all rehearsals. 

  • Please refrain from wearing strong perfume aftershave, hairspray, etc.,  at rehearsals or concerts to consider those with allergies or other medical sensitivites.  

  • Vocal compatibility and blending of chorus voices shall be determined by the Music irDector. Any concerns are to be taken to a board member or discussed personally with the music director.    

Sectional Rehearsal Schedule

It is very important that all singers take responsibility to master their parts so that rehearsal time can be used to concentrate on the finer points of the music. For all singers to learn their parts in as short a time as possible,   the music director may decide to hold sectional rehearsals during scheduled rehearsal time.   An additional room will be available at the rehearsal space as needed.  A YouTube video of each music piece is often available, and that information will be provided by the Music Director.  




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